A blender is open-source software for 3D animation creation. Best for animating, sculpting and scripting. Blender is made up of several key tools such as rigging, modeling, video editing, and texturing for creating 3D animations. The Blender software can be freely downloaded from the blender site. There are some drawbacks with this software; you may not be able to render at 100 frames per second if you do not have a powerful computer.

The pros of using this include; easy editing and rendering and the ability to work with multiple images. The cons of using this include; not as fast as other software. Also, the 3D animation can take a long time to finish. This software has been designed to meet the needs of professionals in the animation industry but beginners may find it difficult to use due to its many complicated features.

Soft Soda Soft is the third 3D Animation Maker on the list. It is ideal for animating and sculpting. It contains a few pre-loaded textures and a library of over 900 textures. It also comes with a built-in raster image generator, brush engine, and several color correction tools. The cons of using Soft Soda include; it doesn’t have a motion graphic tool. If your animation needs are simple and basic, then this would be perfect for you.

Autocad The Autocad software series has been designed to help people with their 3D projects. The main key features of this 3D animation software are; it is compatible with QuickDraw and Cubase and has several key features that enable it to be great for designing and rendering. The key features that enable this software to be great for animation include; import/export support for AutoCAD format, undo/redo support, layer blending support, animated objects, scene management tools, keyboard shortcuts for viewing/editing/ deleting 3D objects, built-in renderings for scenes with light/no color or black and white, customizable, clipping path tools and support for multiple animations with one program. The cons of using Autocad Software include; the learning curve, it isn’t as advanced as some of the other programs on the market, and it does not support any kind of editing programs other than those created in Quick Draw. Overall it is suitable for individuals who want to create simple 3D designs but are not into the high level of design.

Intellicage A newer program on the market that is ideal for individuals looking to create animations and commercials is Intellicage. It is made for those who are familiar with creating 3D graphics and knows how to work within the animation software environment. The key features of Intellicage include; it is easy to use, it allows for various design options for both individuals and marketers, it has a complete range of design tools and features, and it is produced entirely in Flash.

Nitro Animation maker software from Radical Amusement and Entertainment. This is one of the latest animation creation packages and offers many of the same features that other top brands like Adobe and Pixar have. It also incorporates 3D renderings and simulation capabilities. The key features of Nitro Animation maker include; it is easy to use, allows the user to create unique characters and effects, the graphics and visual effects are superb, and the user interface is simple and straightforward. The cons of Nitro Animation maker include; it does not support the Flash file formats, and the rendering and simulation features are not as advanced as compared to other packages.

After Effects CS5 – this is one of the most popular brands when it comes to video creation. There are numerous pros and cons to this software. One of the major pros to After Effects is its versatility and the ease of use it offers. It offers various professional features and benefits including; amazing motion graphics, professional-grade color, and photo retouching, and the ability to render complex animations with ease. It also includes Flash-based tutorials and other features which make it ideal for professionals who may not be as adept at creating 3d animations in other software.

After Effects has a number of advantages over other 3d animation tools and programs. Some of the best features and benefits include; it can be used with almost any computer platform, it has a great photo and image retouching and coloring capabilities, it can provide for realistic movements and poses thanks to the built-in skeletal structure, and the rendering engine also offers high-quality models and textures. The drawbacks of After Effects include; it can be a little costly, it can be difficult to learn and utilize, and there is currently no support available for the Flash plug-in. However, if you need something stable with high-quality models and textures, then after-effects is certainly a great option.